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Dear Eric,

I would like to thank and congratulate you and the employees of Eagle Rock Construction for a job well done. You and your staff took over the responsibility for the completion of my home in mid construction. The challenges left for you to resolve involved the resolution of issues with incomplete and improper work through out the home. The more significant of these being the fireplace, furnace, plumbing, electrical, leaking roof, lighting, doors and trim, kitchen cabinets and appliances. Each of these items was finished to my complete satisfaction. The fireplace, completed kitchen, and master bath exceeded my expectations.

As you are well aware my home had been under construction for about 15 months with no good estimate for completion. You committed to a time frame for starting construction and met all your commitments. In a period of three months you were able to complete all of the items necessary for me to receive a Certificate of Occupancy. This involved correcting some major code violations, coordinating the location, installation and testing of the well and water system, and also working with Suburban Propane to provide gas service. Since I am out of state and I had to depend on your assistance with times beyond the construction of the house.

In summary, Eagle Rock Construction provided quality construction and quality service, all at a fair and reasonable cost. I believe that as we worked through the construction process you were as aware and concerned about the project cost as I. Please feel free to use me as a reference on any of your future projects.

Best Regards,
Frederick L. H
Lawrenceville, GA



To Whom It May Concern:

We have known Eric Robison for approximately two years. He was the foreman for the construction of our home in Oakland MD. He worked for (another company) at the time we met him. Our home was built from a cedar log package from (log home package supplier).

Shortly after Eric left employment with (another company) while our home was still under construction, we lost water pressure after a thunderstorm and did not know who to call for help. We called Eric for a recommendation and instead of a recommendation, on a Sunday morning, he made a trip to our home to provide assistance. He did not ask for payment, just did his best to help.

A leak developed in one of the skylights after a heavy rain and we could not see the cause. We called Eric to see if he could take on the job of identifying and repairing the leak. Although he was busy with other jobs, he found the time to get up on the roof and fix the problem so we could avoid further damage.

Eric also installed a concrete slab foundation for a hot tub for us on very short notice. He did an excellent job, did so promptly, and met a demanding schedule. His price was very reasonable despite the fact that the job was small compared to other work and must have taken a disproportionate amount of time compared to the return.

Finally, Eric recently installed two exterior roofs over decking on the property. He designed and constructed them to the exact description we provided. The workmanship was superior as is the visual impact. He also integrated his work with that of our electrician; again he was very responsive to our needs.

Eric Robison is someone we have come to rely on for many things and would recommend him to anyone in need of a qualified contractor, someone who can evaluate any construction requirement and provide a sound recommendation, and someone whom we consider a friend.

Barry & Heather C.
Deep Creek Lake, MD




To Whom It May Concern:

In March 2001 we started construction of our dream house at Deep Creek Lake. We bought a log package and hired a local contractor to construct the house. In July, we discovered that the contractor was not using the money we paid him to pay his suppliers, subcontractors, and workers. As a result, the majority of money we paid him was not spent on our house. Then in October, he came to us and said he was walking off our job with nearly $90,000 of our money unaccounted for. Our dream was turning into a nightmare. My wife became the general contractor and we have been trying to finish the house. While we finally received our occupancy permit in mid-May, the house is not yet finished.

This has been a very stressful, but educational, experience. We have had a lot of people working on various stages of our house and we have learned what characteristics are important in a contractor to make what is inherently a difficult and stressful process go as smoothly as possible. Eric Robison exemplifies those characteristics and, other than my wife, he is probably more responsible for getting our house done, and done right, than anyone else.

First a good contractor needs to have an overall vision of the project, which provides a context for solving problems as they come up. I have never met anyone with a better ability to conceptualize the project and how all the pieces fit together than Eric. And he used this to solve critical problems as they arose. For example, in March of 2001 we saw how extensive the water problem is on our property because it is basically a drainage field for some 25 or 30 acres across the road. Confronting this situation, Eric stopped work on the project for nearly two weeks while he developed an overall strategy for handling the water problem. Being nervous first timers, we ultimately hired a water engineer to come out and recommend a strategy for dealing with the water. As it turned out, his approach was not as comprehensive and thorough as Eric’s. We went with Eric’s approach and we have not had a water problem in the house.

Along these lines, my wife had a very definite idea how she wanted the roofs on the gazebos to be. It turned out that there were code requirements that said we had to have some sort of brace about two-thirds the way down to stabilize the roof. Eric designed a solution and went to the local blacksmith and had parts made specifically for the gazebos to meet the code requirements, yet have the feel my wife wanted. He is very creative in solving problems.

Second, related to this issue, a good contractor has to have a very well developed, and responsive, network of suppliers and subcontractors to get work done right and on time. Eric has developed an exceptional network of suppliers and subcontractors so he can accomplish anything that comes up. Also I think it is important to recognize that the suppliers and subcontractors are extremely responsive to Eric’s requests. This reflects his reputation as being honest and treating everyone fairly-a trait not as common in the construction industry of Garrett County as we had assumed.

Third, while Eric likes the challenge of problem solving and is extremely creative in designing solutions to individual challenges, such creativity is necessary, but not sufficient, to be successful. He also has to have the ability to communicate with the owner, subcontractors, and suppliers in fashioning a solution. We found him to be very open to discussing ideas and very flexible in modifying solutions to insure that everyone has their needs met and everything meets code. He is very direct and honest in his communications, which we value. We feel he has been a partner in this enterprise.

Fourth, an owner needs to have confidence that when a contractor says something is going to get done, it will be done and done right. In an industry that has something of a bad reputation, we have not met anyone with more integrity than Eric. An example might help illustrate the point. Before the contractor walked off the job, we had very little trust in him. He would make decisions that seemed based more on expedience than doing what is right. We often asked Eric to look at these issues and if it was reasonable he would tell us, and if it was not he would tell us also. He was very straight with us and we trusted his input.

He treats owners and workers with honesty and directness—everyone is equal. Also, he is willing to invest in his workers by giving them opportunities to improve their skills and take on new responsibilities—and pay. As a result, he has an extremely loyal crew who will do just about anything he asks them to do. That is unusual in the construction business—at least as it is being practiced in Garrett County.

Finally, to complete a new house, being confronted with all the things that go wrong, the owner and the contractor need to be a team. We found that Eric was a very good team member—a partner. I would say that Eric is actually a friend.

Building a house is a very stressful activity. There are people who worked on our house that we will not allow on our property. But we feel Eric ended as a friend who is extremely creative, has an unmatched ability to conceptualize a project, is honest, works as part of team, and who helped us get into our house. If I were to build anything else, Eric would be the first person I would turn to.

Michael B.
Oakland, MD



Dear Eric,

John and I would like to commend you and your employees for the superb job you have done for us. After we fired our former builder we were at a loss as to how we were going to complete the construction and stay within our remaining budget. Since we live 200 miles away, finding a reliable, trustworthy builder was imperative. Choosing Eagle Rock has been the best part of the whole building experience.

We really appreciate your honest; your willingness to communicate with either of us by telephone and email; and the prompt response on questions or changes as the project evolved. Your supervision of the subcontractors and the handling of the county inspections has been a great help in completing the project quickly and smoothly.

We have been more than happy with the cost of your services and the exactness of your billing. It has made it much easier to keep track of expenses. Although the house has cost a lot more than we expected, it would have been a disaster without you.

We’re very proud of the house that you have helped to create and want you to know you’re welcome to show off your work anytime you wish. We’re also available for references. We’ll be on the deck!

J & J L.
Alexandria, VA




Dear Eric,

Kay and I want to send you this letter of thanks for the exceptional craftsmanship you create for our home. As you know, there were substantial and seemingly overwhelming odds against a positive outcome once the previous builder breached their contact. Few, if any, knowing of the difficulties, would have contemplated taking over a partially started project. Much less a log home where the complex assembly process reduces the available construction talent needed to bring the work to a successful completion. Not only did you solve every issue, but also you did much more. You stay the course.

At every turn, your guidance and recommendations were 100 % accurate. From your handmade stairway, to the custom manufactured oak trim, you brought dozens of special components together to form an environment of eye pleasing and immediate joy. For Kay, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Here function and form fit like a glove. She loves it.

Every room is tailored to its need. The home entertainment area is my refuge, but the great room is everyone’s favorite. As owners, we cannot think of any builder who shows the concern, planning or ability levels that seem to come to you naturally. You can show our home to anyone who wants the same kind of superior effort that we enjoy today and will for many years to come. Thanks again.

Warmest Regards,

Tony and Kay

(Previous Christmas card from Tony and Kay, during construction)


You have helped to make our dream a reality. Through it all we never lost faith in your abilities, even when things went askew—you hung in there. Trust and determination are rare today, but your best is yet to come.

Your creativity, patience and solutions to seemingly impossible hurdles defeated all the nay sayers. You can add courage to the list. We all worked hard, there is more to do, but you made it happen. Bravo!

Our affection and thanks,
Tony & Kay



Julie & I wanted to Thank You and your employees for the awesome job of constructing our home in Oakland, Md. You and your employees were always available to meet and handle the many needs of our construction project. We especially appreciated the special attention you gave to our daughter’s handicap wing that is functioning very well for her and her caregivers.

Julie and I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is building and wants to get the job done. You were able to meet our time schedule without sacrificing quality in the finished product.

At any time feel free to call and arrange a showing of our home to any prospects interested in building with Eagle Rock Construction, LLC.


Rich & Julie
Oakland, Md. 



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